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Leah Schloss Content Marketing Strategy

About | Leah schloss

Leah Schloss is founder and president of Rain Content Solutions. A marketing professional with 20 years of experience in professional services, she serves as the director of business development for ZAG-S&W, the only global law firm with a significant presence in the US and Israel. At Rain Content Solutions, Leah helps professional services firms hone their content development strategies. Great content comes in many forms, from a long-form article about a complex business challenge or legal issue to a photo of an inspirational colleague. Whether you're posting a how-to video on applying for a patent or posting a photo of your favorite pet, the goal is to make connections. Content can help you keep your contacts close even when the physical distance between you is far.


Leah's recent experience includes leading content development/strategy, social media and media relations and marketing automation for a midsize law firm. Leah has also guided lawyers in sales strategy and implementation with current clients, prospects and referral sources.


Other recent initiatives include:

  • Assisting an executive recruiter in launching her own business, including developing her LinkedIn Profile and web content.

  • Leading sales training programs for young lawyers and group coaching for senior lawyers.

  • Developing an award-winning branding campaign.

  • Launched InhouseGo2, a blog and information resource for in-house counsel:

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