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Case Study – Working with a Client to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn Marketing

Leverage the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to grow in importance as a digital marketing tool for business. I recently witnessed the power of LinkedIn firsthand with one of my clients, an executive recruiting firm. We worked as a team to grow the firm’s visibility, reach and number of active job searches by leveraging the founder’s large following on LinkedIn.

Make Sure your Profile Tells a Story

When she came to me in May, her website was still under construction, but she wanted to get started on promoting her new venture on the web. First we developed compelling personal and company pages. We started with her story and approach. I’ve worked with many executive recruiters myself, so I understood why she stood apart from her peers in the field. She is responsive and helpful and really takes the time to get to know the people she works with. She is one of the most caring recruiters I’ve ever worked with. We tried to emphasize that in her personal and company profiles. I believe that users are much more likely to connect with your LinkedIn profile if you tell a story rather than simply listing your accomplishments in resume style. Having an excellent photo on your profile is also essential.

Regular Posts Grow Your Visibility and Reach

We developed a plan for two weekly posts on her company page, which would be shared on her